Justin Elliott Howell (born 26 March 2000) is an american singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, music critic, political commentator, and poet. Howell is the lead singer of and creative mind behind the band No Rest For The Ministers, hosts music podcast The Human Ear, hosts political podcasts Destroying Monsters and Awakening Reason, and has received recognition for poems published to Tumblr.

Political Commentary and Music Criticism

Howell posted "Nook Wifi First Edition Review" to his YouTube "Justin Howell" on 27 April 2012, launching an initially technology-focused channel that grew slowly yet steadily over the next 5 and a half years. Throughout the channel's lifespan, Howell switched the channel's focus to gaming, before switching it back to technology, then to political commentary, then to music reviews, then back to political commentary, with the channel finally ending up as a venue for a scripted, found-footage-style video series. In late 2017, Howell ceased posting to this channel, citing a severely fragmented and thus impossible-to-please subscriber base created by giveaways and the constant switching of subject matters. Around the same time, he launched realelliotth, a new channel dedicated to politics and music. Along with this, he debuted Destroying Monsters, a weekly podcast in which he and guests comment on political articles, videos, and memes, as well as Awakening Reason, a solo, scripted weekly podcast in which he presents opinion-pieces on politics and social issues. He also debuted The Human Ear, a monthly music-review podcast in which he reviews high-profile albums from the preceding month gauntlet-style, and which includes extra episodes at the end of the year for year-end-lists.


Howell posted his first poem, I Know, to to Tumblr on 16 June 2016, to generally positive reception. He went on to post 6 more poems, including The Runnin' From Feeling; 5-1, 5-7, 5-8, 5-8; Phantom Leg; Remember; Love Junkie; and God Forgot. Howell won 'Poet of the Week' in Google Plus community Poet's Dream for The Runnin' From Feeling, and advanced to district-level as a part of a May Day Poetry contest for God Forgot, with the poem on display in large print at the contest's annual dinner.


In late 2016, Howell announced his debut studio album The Art of Contempt, promising a 'rock' album with a release date of 27 April 2017. Howell eventually shelved the project due to lack of funds and talent. Howell stayed out of making music until August of 2018, when he and Zach Donelley formed the rock band No Rest For The Ministers.


Howell attended Communications Arts High School, a college preparatory school which specialises in communication and culminates in a 45 minute speech about a students' chosen career path at the end of senior year, and which has been consistently featured on The Washington Post's running list of Most Challenging High Schools since before Howell began attending. Howell is currently attending Texas State University.

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